North American Insurance® Company

Our Story

Oxford Life<sup>®</sup> Building

Beginnings as Reliable Life and Casualty Company

In 1944 George Stewart founded the Mutual Indemnity Company, a small insurance business specializing in accident and health insurance. On September 25, 1962, the Mutual Indemnity Company incorporated Reliable Casualty Company Inc. as a stock company under the laws of Wisconsin. After receiving its certificate of authority, Reliable Casualty Company Inc. began operations in 1965. In 1968, Reliable Casualty Company Changed its name to Reliable Life and Casualty Company ("RLCC"). It existed independently until 1970, when Reliable Investors Corporation was formed as its parent company.

In August, 1981, the Wisconsin Commissioner of Insurance issued an order of rehabilitation to RLCC and created a separate account in which the company’s assets and liabilities were transferred. The following month, Dane County Circuit Court placed this separate account in liquidation.

On September 16, 1986, North American Group, Ltd., formerly known as Reliable Investors Corporation, prior to its 1984 Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization, applied for reinstatement of the RLCC's certificate of authority. After the business was released from rehabilitation in 1987, RLCC changed its name to North American Insurance Company®, a name by which it’s commonly known today. In 1987, North American Insurance Company® commenced the writing of all business.


On September 21, 1990, North American Insurance Company® was purchased by a newly formed holding company, Encore Financial, Inc. In November, 1997, all of Encore Financial Inc.’s capital stock was purchased by Oxford Life Insurance Company® ("Oxford Life"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMERCO. Encore Financial Inc. was merged with North American Insurance Company® in 2006 and dissolved on march 28, 2007. North American Insurance Company® sold North American Fire and Casualty, a subsidiary of North American Insurance Company®, to an affiliate in 1998.

North American Insurance Company®, a member of the Oxford Life® Family of Companies, has grown to become one of the industry’s premier third party administrators of Medicare supplement insurance and continues to provide premiums and claims administration for active policyholders.